Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tracking and Trailing: After the Shot

I recently met via the Internet a fellow outdoorsman from Florida. One thing Texas and Florida have in common is the exploding population of feral hogs. This southern gentlemen has made hog hunting an obsession and writes some excellent articles on the subject. This week is an article on tracking after the shot. Here is the link to his story and a Blog that you might like to put on your favorites list, I have. Wild Ed


Albert A Rasch said...

Hey there Wild Ed!

Thanks for the plug, I'm much obliged. It will be a work in progress as folks add comments and remember stuff! I think it will be one of those posts that will be redone a few times!

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Anonymous said...

Hearing both of you talk about hog hunting makes me almost wish we had these here in Connecticut.

Wild Ed said...

Having Feral hogs is a two edged sword as they are fun to hunt and can be quite good eating. They also carry diseases and cause millions of dollars in damages to livestock, fences, crops and land every year. I believe hogs are hard on ground nesting birds such as turkeys and will kill and eat fawns they find on the ground. The populations must be controlled and that can be a major problem.