Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shooters Ridge 10/22 Magazine Loader

I am always looking for a better and faster way to load high capacity magazines. A good buddy of mine recently got a 10/22 magazine loader from Butler Creek and impressed me with the speed and ease which he loaded up .22 magazines while we were out shooting. While on the road the other day I saw a magazine loader that had a clip in the package along with the loader for around $30.00. This was what I thought was a comparable price to just what my friend had paid for the Butler Creek loader alone. It was by a known company, Shooters Ridge, so I bought it and brought it home. Like an idiot I did not keep the receipt. The very first time I tried to use it plastic parts and springs went everywhere when I pushed on the tabs per the instructions and tried to place the magazine in the loader. It was too complicated for me to reassemble and I am not sure I even found all the parts. I decided to send it back under warranty and found out it would cost about $5.00 to mail it back plus they wanted $7.00 to invoke the warranty. What a crock and what a piece of junk, live and learn. I paid the $5.00 just to send the pile of parts and a piece of my mind in a letter back to Shooters Ridge to tell them what I thought of them selling such a worthless tool to their customers. I have used Shooters Ridge rests in the past but have spent my last penny with them. Just thought you might like to know. One of these days I will do a review on the Butler Creek loader when I can get up the desire to try one. I may just keep using my thumbs for a while. Still thumbing, Wild Ed


Albert A Rasch said...


Thanks for the heads up on that. I wonder if they'll get with you to see what the problem is, and resolve it.

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Wild Ed said...

I sent them an email about the loader and they did not respond. I have not heard a thing since I sent it back.

Anonymous said...

Wish I found your post earlier.... I had the same issue.... I should have gotten the Butler Creek like my brother.... Lessoned learned search better on the internet.