Monday, January 12, 2009


I remember the outdoor magazines I got to read as I was growing up and how I hung on every word of some writer telling of a hunting or fishing adventure. I used to devour the words of some of the great riflemen and pistol experts about their favorite caliber or firearm. The magazines were full of self help and how to articles that taught me many of the outdoor skills I have today. I am not mentioning the names of these publications on purpose and also because many of us had different favorites. I have quit buying the ones I could hardly wait to get in my youth as the magic is gone. They now cover mostly adventures that the average person can not afford to go on and are chock full of people pimping the latest greatest piece of junk from whatever company paid the most advertising money. Many articles today are really an infomercial on some product and I for one will not pay for those.

I have been a predator caller and hunter since my childhood and read the works of the Burnham Brothers, Russell Tinsley, the Stewarts and other great callers though out my lifetime. A while back I picked up a magazine that was just on Predator hunting. As I thumbed through the pages I began to get excited as I saw a pattern. Again I saw stories by real hunters doing things I could afford to do right here at home. Sure there was plenty of advertising with someone using the latest electronic caller and the greatest long range super rifle, but right along side were articles about Urban hunting, camo, hand calls and other how to and self help stories. There were articles written by champion callers and some of the old time greats; whom I will not name so as not to offend the guilty or point out the old guys. Best of all there were stories by guys just like you and me. I read articles on making my own camo ghillie suit, reloading and other do it yourself things that would save money not just spend it. There were even stories on using adult airguns and pellet rifles. I again felt the magic, I sent in a subscription and started receiving the magazine on a bimonthly basis.

I recently did not get my subscription copy and waiting for it to show up was difficult. When the next issue hit the newsstands I sent an email to Predator Xtreme to please check my address and information as I had not received my subscription copies for two issues. Three days latter I received an envelope with both copies in the mail. To me that was excellent customer service as we do not know why I did not get my copies. Just like when I was a kid I have a magazine I read from cover to cover over and over. Now if they will just go to a monthly publication instead of bimonthly so I don’t have to wait so long. Good Reading, Wild Ed

I have no connection to these guys therefore I can say what I believe without fear of losing compensation and have nothing to gain. If I recommend a product it is because I use it and like it. If I use a product and it does not work or is not a quality product I will tell you. If I get bad or good customer service I try to let you guys know what happened.
Here is a link to Predator Xtreme
I just renewed my subscription. If you like predator hunting I believe you will enjoy this magazine. Wild Ed

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