Monday, October 27, 2008

Texas Trappers and Fur Hunters Association Fall Rendezvous

TTFHA Fall Rendezvous

October in Texas is an exciting time of the year for sportsmen. Archery season for whitetails runs the month of October, the first cool fronts start coming through, the bucks start splitting up and showing more interest in the does, and the Texas Trappers and Fur Hunter’s Association holds their Fall Rendezvous prior to the fur season opening the first day of November.

This year’s fall rendezvous was a held in Junction and was a huge success. We had trapping demos for coyotes, fox, bobcats and etc… We had trap collectors from all over the state come in to sell, swap and trade traps of all kinds. There were speed setting contests for both the young and old. There were skillet throwing contests for the ladies of all ages. We had free meals for everyone who attended and they were delicious. We even had fried catfish and frog legs for lunch on Saturday.

The online trapping demo was very successful this year. We trapped two coons, one gray fox, one ringtail, and nutria. Everyone enjoyed getting to see the ringtail and the nutria because some of them had never seen either species before.

We had an auction to raise money for the association and it was enjoyed by all who attended. There were lots of items donated to the auction and ranged from traps to flower arrangements, to jewelry and many items in between.

The TTFHA promotes trapping and backs legislation which is trapper friendly. We would love to have you join the TTFHA and join us at our Spring Rendezvous which will be held in Jacksonville in April of 2009. For information on joining the association please contact me at
Ricky Cox

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