Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Texas Outdoors Photography

I am often asked about the pictures on my blog. I take many of them and some are taken by my falconry or hunting and fishing friends. I do not consider myself a photographer but an Outdoorsman that is simply in the places where I get the chance to take pictures of wildlife and scenic vistas of this great state. I often use the point and shoot settings on my cameras as it is the quick and easy way. Here are some samples of what you can do with point and shoot. Just get a good brand of automatic digital camera and start taking pictures. I currently use a Canon Rebel XTI with the kit lens. I hope to someday own a prime lens in a telephoto lens but until I win the lottery the kit lens will have to do. Get out in the Texas Outdoors and start taking some pictures. You may come out with some great shots.
Good luck, Wild Ed

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