Monday, January 14, 2008

Texas Grey Fox Calling

My wife and I went up to my mom’s place in Lampasas County to take down game cameras and remove feeder batteries over the weekend. While we were there we decided to make a couple of varmint calling stands and see if we could call some predators up and take a few pictures. My wife had been calling with me many times but only at night. She seemed to really enjoy getting to see the varmints up close in the daylight. At the first stand we called in a grey fox that I lip squeaked up to about 10 feet away. On the second stand a grey fox came in and a big owl. The fox figured out something was not quite right and left. I changed the tape to a grey fox pup in distress and in came another fox. It finally saw us move and just sat down and tried to figure out what was going on with all the noise. These animals were called up in the middle of the day proving that the best time to call predators is whenever you get the chance. I took a few pictures and thought you might enjoy seeing some grey foxes up close and personal.
Good hunting, Wild Ed

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