Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Next Generation of Texas Hunters

I am saddened when I see the number of kids at the local malls on weekends doing nothing productive. I see kids buying video games by the box full and their vocabularies include the latest video game super hero’s names and feats. What happened to riding bikes, shooting BB guns, going fishing in the creeks and ponds and other activities of our youth. I can remember a friend and I walking or riding bikes for blocks carrying our BB guns to get to the edge of town so we could go hunting. We shot lots of varmints, sparrows and tin cans but we did not destroy stuff we shouldn’t. No one even batted an eye about two kids carrying BB guns, now they call homeland security or the police. What has happened to learning about the land and animals? Kids no longer want to learn tracking and trailing skills. Very few know how to call animals or where to find them. I will never forget the people such as my father and grandfathers that started me in the outdoors. I am so thankful that they took the time to teach me shooting, tracking and other skills that I still use today. I have tried to pass some of those skills and opportunities on to my daughters and others. If you get a chance to take a kid hunting, fishing or just hiking in the outdoors please take the time to do so. They are the future of our country and our sport. I hope they learn some of the old skills. I have a feeling they will need them someday.
Thanks Dad, Wild Ed

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