Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nocturnal Bucks

It is always amazing to me that bucks I have never seen while hunting a small tract of property show up at the feeder pictures at night. I currently hunt on a 350 acre family tract in Central Texas but I am limited to 110 acres of this place and pretty much know all the deer on the place. I run two stands and feeders for my daughter and wife to hunt and I just kind of piddle around or take a nap on a fence line somewhere when I take them hunting. Every year there are a few bucks that show up on feeder cameras but are never seen. These are the bucks that learn to pattern people and usually come out after dark and go back in heavy brush before the sun comes up. I am always surprised when I jump up one of these big bucks in the day time. You can find them in strange places where humans seldom go. I have jumped them from brush piles by houses, right behind the barn, in a large cedar pile right out in the middle of a bare field and other places where you would never think about finding a big buck bedding. Check out the micro brush systems where you hunt and it might surprise you what you find. Also hunt at strange times like the middle of the day. These deer figure out that people leave the stand mid morning and do not return till mid afternoon and they can get up a while and feed. Hunt the rut for sure as this is the one time these isolated nocturnal bucks will make mistakes. When those does in heat come by they will get up and follow no matter the time of day. As with most of us the female of the species is often detrimental to our health. Good hunting, Wild Ed

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