Friday, November 9, 2007

Customer Service? NOT!

Through the years I have been a big fan of several optic companies. My first rifle scopes were Weaver and later I had several Redfields. As optics got more expensive I became a fan of Simmons and have used the 44 Mag series of scopes for many years. On a recent hunt I lost one of the rubber eye rings on the back of a Simmons scope. It had been from hot to cold and in tough conditions many times and had stretched somewhat through the years. It was completely my fault and I lost it so I do not blame Simmons for that, but it probably should not have stretched. I am however very upset about this new company that now owns Weaver, Redfield and Simmons. It is Meade Instruments Corporation. I called to order a replacement ring for my scope and was informed that they do not carry replacement parts for their optics. They acted like it was no big deal and that I was wasting their time to even call. They now bring them all in from over seas and basically are selling disposable scopes. I have the first scope I got many years ago and several that my father and grandfather bought when they were young. It is ridiculous to sell a product you can not get parts to keep it in service. If you lose a turret cap or eye ring on a Meade product you are out of luck. I now have a mid range scope that looks a little weird because it does not have the rubber ring at the back. The scope works great it is just incomplete. From my viewpoint this new world economy sucks. Whatever happened to customer service, manners and wanting to support your product? Before I buy any more scopes I will be contacting the company to make sure that parts will be available for their products in the future. I have learned my lesson and just thought I would pass it on to those of you that read this Blog. It is a sad day to see good American brands like Weaver and Redfield sell off to foreign interests. Do some research before you buy, Wild Ed

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