Thursday, September 13, 2007

Response to Commissioner Patterson and General Land Office

This was the response from one of my Blog readers to Commissioner Patterson. I felt you all should have the opportunity to read this. Wild Ed

Dear Commissioner Patterson,I could not possibly disagree with you more. Yes, I am sure there arelots of private individuals and./or corporations that could take bettercare of many of our state and national treasures. That is no reason tosell them off! Just because you and our other officials have been suchpoor stewards of our state's assets, that doesn't give you the right tonow sell them off to cover your poor planning. Your efforts to place theblame anywhere you can speaks volumes. Excuses is all these are. Ourpoliticians have mismanaged both our National and State Parks and continueto take the funds that were meant for the upkeep of these treasures andspend them elsewhere. There are thousands of Texans that agree with me andwe will not forget those who are responsible for selling our children'sheritage to the highest bidder.Sincerely, Name Witheld

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