Thursday, August 30, 2007

Texas Style BBQ Dove

My favorite thing about dove is shooting them but I also enjoy eating them. My favorite way to prepare them is very simple and tasty. I warn you to have a bunch when you fix them as they go fast if anyone else is around.

You will need the following:
Clean and breasted Dove breasts
1 slice of bacon for each Dove breast
Cut up sweet onion in about 1 inch flat pieces
Cut up deseeded jalapeƱos in flat pieces
Your favorite BBQ sauce

Salt and pepper dove breasts, place a piece of onion and jalapeno on each side of the breast and wrap tightly with bacon, toothpick in place. Prepare each breast and get your smoker going. You may also do these on the grill if you are in a hurry but I like mine slow smoked. Dip each breast in BBQ sauce and place on smoker. I cook mine for about 2 hours at 250 degrees you may like them more or less done. You can even leave them on until the almost dry and they are still a mouthful of flavor. If you grill use low heat and cook until bacon is done turning every few minutes. Enjoy Wild Ed

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