Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I recently witnessed a heated argument over allowing crossbows into the Texas Archery season. Both sides are convinced that there is no compromise and that they alone are right. I am old enough to remember the same thing happening when compound bows came on to the scene. I also remember when the first modern inline black powder rifles were produced and the conflict between modern and traditional black powder hunters. I have heard Falconers run down gun hunters, bowhunters condemn rifle hunters and rifle hunters claim that all bowhunters wound game. I have heard gun and bowhunters claim that crossbow hunters are sloppy lazy hunters and poachers. Most of those making the comments have not hunted with the others weapon of choice yet they have a strong opinion. Most of these opinions are dead wrong; there are individual hunters that may meet every argument as there are bad people in every sport. I have seen similar arguments about High fence hunting, whether or not you should hunt from blinds or have deer feeders. The latest argument is about long range shooting of legal game animals and even varmints. In other words if you do not use the equipment I use and practice the methods I do you should not be hunting. If you have any of the above opinions I would urge you to reconsider your views.

I only want to say this one time so read and pay attention!
If it is legal and others practice it you should support all hunting.

Someday you may want those other hunting groups to support your sport and method if it is to continue. If the method of hunting is legal then it has been judged by the powers to be as an ethical justified method of harvest. We are all different and have different tastes thus use different methods and tactics but we better all get on the same train to support each other and hunting. If we fail this test Hunting as we know it is on the way out. Have you seen the books, movies and other means of making the hunter the bad guy? Our schools in many areas are teaching anti-hunting to our children. My granddaughter has two favorite movies that make the hunter out as a criminal. We live in a new high tech world and many people have never left the city and have no experience with hunting other than the media. I am amazed at the number of bird watchers that want to declare all dove songbirds and you will not be able to hunt them any more. If you think they will support your sport you are sadly mistaken.

To Texas Falconers:
We are involved in a blood sport like it or not and should support other blood sports or we will all lose them. I am a bowhunter, gun hunter, wingshooter, crossbow hunter, varmint hunter, trapper and falconer. I have heard people from each group run down the other sports. I have a feeling they are talking about something they have not done and know nothing about. We can choose to be an elitist but will have few support falconry if we choose that path. If you take all the falconers in Texas we number less than 200 and have no impact on wildlife. No one other than falconers will care if we are gone. We better hope that other hunting groups are there when we need them. Wildlife departments exist for the gun and bowhunters and we are a side group that cost them money. We do not bring in a profit like the other hunting groups. Without other hunters falconry is gone. I for one will support hunters no matter which group they fit into. If it is a legal hunting method we need to support it 100%. Good Hunting, Wild Ed

Here is a link to an article I wrote about why the Non-Hunter should buy a license.

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