Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Get Ready for Hunting Season in your Own Home

The one thing that most of us that shoot rifles in the pursuit of big game need is practice. You can read, dream and watch TV hunting shows all year but it will not make you a better shot especially at long range. If you are like me trips to the range are far and few between these days. Ammo costs are out of sight and when I do get to the range I cannot afford to burn up large amounts of high dollar rifle ammo. I along with some of my friends have discovered a low cost way of enjoying the shooting sports while practicing trigger control, breathing and blinking while actually shooting. I shoot in my backyard and my living room right here in town. I have discovered the world of air guns. A full size adult air rifle can be outfitted with a scope just like on your big game rifle. You can fire hundreds of shots for the price of one round of ammo for you deer rifle. You can make a backstop or purchase a bullet trap made just for lead pellets. You have the choice of Co2 or Spring powered air guns. They come in pistol and rifle models and are extremely accurate. The best part about this is they are loads of fun and will make you a much better shot in the field. If you would like to learn more about hunting with Air Guns here is a favorite site of mine.

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